HIV Treatment

Learn about treatment-related topics including adherence, medications, services and assistance, side effects, treatment failure/drug resistance, and treatment overview.


Treatment adherence (also called medication adherence) includes starting HIV treatment, keeping…


Access resources related to HIV medications.

Services and Assistance

Access resources that can help individuals with HIV find health care providers, pay for…

Side Effects

HIV medicines help individuals with HIV live longer, healthier lives and reduce the risk of HIV…

Treatment Failure/Drug Resistance

Taking HIV medications every day and exactly as prescribed reduces the risk of drug resistance.…

Treatment Overview

The treatment for HIV is called antiretroviral therapy (ART). ART involves taking a combination…

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Your Guide to HIV Treatment PDF Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE)
When to Start HIV Medicines Fact Sheet Webpage (HTML)
What to Start: Choosing an HIV Treatment Regimen Fact Sheet Webpage (HTML)
What is a Drug Interaction? Fact Sheet Webpage (HTML)
What If Your Treatment Isn't Working? Webpage (HTML) U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Viiv Connect Webpage (HTML) Viiv Healthcare
U.S. Patient Access: Gilead Patient Support Programs Webpage (HTML) Gilead
Tips on Taking Your HIV Medication Every Day Webpage (HTML)
Tips for HIV Treatment Regimen Adherence Infographic
Tips for Common Side Effects Webpage (HTML) U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Three Things to Know about HIV Treatment Infographic
The myAbbVie Assist Patient Assistance Program Webpage (HTML) AbbVie
The Merck Patient Assistance Program Helps Those in Need Webpage (HTML) MerckHelps
The Boehringer Ingelheim Patient Assistance Program Webpage (HTML) Boehringer Ingelheim
The Affordable Care Act and HIV/AIDS Webpage (HTML)
TargetHIV Webpage (HTML) Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
Taking Your HIV Medications Every Day Webpage (HTML)
Sticking to Your Medicines Webpage (HTML) U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Staying on Schedule: Tips for Taking Your HIV Medicine PDF New York State Department of Health
State HIV/AIDS Hotlines & Online Resources Webpage (HTML) Greater Than AIDS
State HIV/AIDS Hotlines Webpage (HTML) Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database Webpage (HTML) Stanford University, HIV Drug Resistance Database
Side Effects of HIV/AIDS and HIV Medications Webpage (HTML) The Body: The HIV/AIDS Resource
Safe Use of Medicines for Older Adults Webpage (HTML) National Institute on Aging
Resource Library: HIV Treatment Webpage (HTML) San Francisco AIDS Foundation

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