Learn more about living with HIV and AIDS through topics such as complementary and alternative therapy; diet, nutrition, and food safety; disclosure/legal information; exercise and physical fitness; housing and housing assistance; immunizations; mental and emotional health; oral health; recently diagnosed; tobacco use; and traveling.

Complementary and Alternative Therapy

Access resources related to complementary and alternative therapies related to HIV.

Diet, Nutrition, and Food Safety

Access resources about diet, nutrition, and food safety as they relate to HIV.

Disclosure/Legal Information

Access resources related to the law and legal rights for individuals living with HIV.

Exercise and Physical Fitness

There are many benefits of exercise and physical fitness that are helpful for individuals with…

Housing and Housing Assistance

Access to resources related to housing and housing assistance for individuals with HIV.


Vaccines protect people from diseases such as chickenpox, influenza (flu), and polio. Learn more…

Mental and Emotional Health

Mental health refers to a person's overall emotional, psychological, and social well-being.…

Oral Health

Learn about how oral health can impact individuals with HIV.

Recently Diagnosed/Living Well with HIV

Testing positive for HIV often leaves a person overwhelmed with questions and concerns. It is…

Tobacco Use

Tobacco use carries different health risks for different individuals. Unique considerations…


Access resources related to tips for traveling while living with HIV.

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Office of Dietary Supplements Webpage (HTML) National Institutes of Health
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