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HIV Source is a portal for HIV-related information (web pages, PDF documents, infographics) from within and outside the federal government. The portal contains information on HIV and AIDS, HIV-related medical conditions, opportunistic infections that can affect people living with HIV, resources and policies from the US government or other governments, resources from organizations around the world and private organizations, access to health care and HIV treatment, and much more. Resources are available in English and Spanish.

Basic HIV and AIDS Information

Learn the basics of HIV and AIDS, including how to prevent HIV transmission, get tested, start…

Community Engagement

View HIV-related resources and organizations involved in community outreach efforts.

COVID-19 and HIV

View resources related to basic information related to COVID-19 and HIV.

Funding Opportunities

View opportunities offered by organizations that provided HIV-related funding.

HIV and AIDS Policies and Organizational Programs

Links to global and United States policies and programs.

HIV Navigation Resources

View resources for HIV navigators and for individuals seeking healthcare information.

HIV Prevention

Find information on domestic violence, mother-to-child transmission, PEP/PrEP, prevention…

HIV Treatment

Learn about treatment-related topics including adherence, medications, services and assistance,…

HIV-Related Conditions

Learn about basic and specialized information on HIV-related conditions.

Living with HIV and AIDS

Learn more about living with HIV and AIDS through topics such as complementary and alternative…

Medical Practice Guidelines

Find links to guidelines for health care providers covering general guidelines, HIV prevention…

Mobile Resources

Find links to apps and mobile websites related to HIV and AIDS.


Get access to audio, video, photos, illustrations, and slide sets.

News Resources

Get updates on HIV-related blogs, news, and newsletters/e-news publications.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) Navigation Resources

Find links to resources on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)-related counseling or treatment for…


Access HIV and AIDS clinical trials, grants and funding, prevention and treatment research, as…

Specific Populations

Access links to HIV and AIDS-related information for certain populations.

Statistics and Surveillance

Access HIV and AIDS-related data for geographic locations and populations.

Training Resources

Find links to HIV and AIDS-related training on prevention and treatment.

HIV and AIDS Resources

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Title Sort ascending Type Source
Your Kidneys and How They Work Webpage (HTML) National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
Your Guide to HIV Treatment PDF Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE)
Your Gateway to Food Safety Information Webpage (HTML)
You Can Safely Share with Someone Who has HIV Infographic
World Health Organization: HIV/AIDS Webpage (HTML) World Health Organization
World Health Organization: HIV Guidelines Webpage (HTML) World Health Organizations
Women Treatment Guideline Literature Search Webpage (HTML) U.S. National Library of Medicine
Women of All Ages Can Get HIV Webpage (HTML) U.S. Office on Women's Health
Women and HIV/AIDS Literature Search Webpage (HTML) U.S. National Library of Medicine
Women and HIV/AIDS in the United States Fact Sheet Webpage (HTML) The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
Women and HIV Testing Webpage (HTML) Office on Women's Health
Women and HIV Webpage (HTML) U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Women and HIV Webpage (HTML) U.S. Office on Women's Health
Women Alive Webpage (HTML) Women Alive
Why Overdose Matters for HIV Webpage (HTML) Open Society Foundations
Why are cocaine users at risk for contracting HIV/AIDS and hepatitis? Webpage (HTML) National Institute on Drug Abuse
Who's on Your Team Infographic
WHO Implementation Tool for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis of HIV Infection Webpage (HTML) World Health Organizations
Where to Get Tested? Webpage (HTML)
When to Start HIV Medicines Fact Sheet Webpage (HTML)
What to Start: Choosing an HIV Treatment Regimen Fact Sheet Webpage (HTML)
What to Know About HIV and COVID-19 Webpage (HTML) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
What People Living with HIV Need to Know about HIV and COVID-19 Webpage (HTML) UNAIDS
What is PrEP? Webpage (HTML) What is
What is Kaposi Sarcoma Webpage (HTML) American Cancer Society

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