Taking HIV medications every day and exactly as prescribed reduces the risk of drug resistance. Learn about the basics of drug resistance with the following resources from different HIV-related organizations.

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10 Things You Should Known About HIV Drug Resistance Webpage (HTML) VeryWell Health
Drug Resistance Webpage (HTML) HIVinfo.NIH.gov
Drug Resistance Illustrated Webpage (HTML) NAM aidsmap
Drug Resistance Testing Webpage (HTML) Clinicalinfo.HIV.gov
Evaluation and Management of Virologic Failure Webpage (HTML) National HIV Curriculum
FAQ: What is Drug Resistance in HIV and How Can You Avoid It? Webpage (HTML) U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
HIV Antiretroviral Drug Resistance Testing, Genotypic Webpage (HTML) Labcorp
HIV Drug Resistance Webpage (HTML) World Health Organization
HIV Drug Resistance Infographic HIVinfo.NIH.gov
HIV Drug Resistance Webpage (HTML) World Health Organization
HIV Drug Resistance Webpage (HTML) POZ
HIV Drug Resistance Database Webpage (HTML) Stanford University
HIV Drug Resistance: Evidence-Based Care for Complex Patients Webpage (HTML) PRIME
HIV Drug Resistance: What to Know Webpage (HTML) WebMD
HIV Resistance Testing Webpage (HTML) International Association of Providers of AIDS Care
HIV Treatment: Drug Resistance Fact Sheet Webpage (HTML) HIVinfo.NIH.gov
Let's Talk About HIV Treatment Webpage (HTML) Greater Than AIDS
Managing HIV Drug Resistance Webpage (HTML) TheBody
Resistance Webpage (HTML) The Well Project
Resistance To Anti-HIV Drugs Webpage (HTML) AIDSmap
Resistance and changing your treatment Webpage (HTML) Terrence Higgins Trust
Treatment failure Webpage (HTML) i-base
What If Your Treatment Isn't Working? Webpage (HTML) U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
What is HIV Drug Resistance? Webpage (HTML) Greater Than AIDS
What to do if an HIV treatment fails Webpage (HTML) verywell health